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Journal #10 - the post-Kickstarter Effect, and how you can still pre-order!

Wow. What An Adventure!
It took me some time to return to this blog - and this was due to the many things to be done after the end of Kickstarter . Also, I guess that you may have already seen that the Kickstarter Campaign was a huge success: 267% Funded, 185 Backers, all Stretch Goals unlocked! However, I would like to express some of the things I felt, and give you a glimpse in what is happening in Pedion-verse.

A dream come true

Pedion was never an "arts and crafts" project; from the first moment I dared to hope that lots of people may be interested in trying my idea for a battlefield terrain system. I commenced the Kickstarter campaign with a relatively modest goal, representing a production level of multiple terrain boards. The original goal would allow me to be sure that there was something worth going after. But the final sum, over 35K British pounds, is a different level all-together. It represents a dream I did not dare speak aloud: that Pedion can actually enter the market and stay for a long while. And I cannot express my gratitude and joy that people are giving me this chance.
My wonderful backers helped make true a dream, and I feel humbled from their trust and support, as well as from the responsibility this entails.

Also, people may have notices that I was (and am) a very active Kickstarter backer. But the thrill and the community feeling when you are the creator has stunned me; I feel I have made friendships that will last the rest of my natural life, and all because of this...

Missed the Kickstarter? You can still pre-order through PayPal till the 21st of August

Lots of people got to our campaign late, or not in time at all, and have asked for a chance to pre-order a Pedion set. Though the ability to add things will be available on the final Pledge Management system, I took the time and installed a full pre-order service running on our e-shop. Not every option you have had during Kickstarter is there yet, but I'll try and include as many as possible.

You can still be a Kickstarter backer, through PayPal or Wire Transfer, at

There you can choose rewards, add-ons and upgrades in the same prices and spirit as if the Kickstarter campaign was still on, and you just add them to your order, paying by PayPal. This will be available only for a limited time, only until the 21st of August 2015, since we must close all orders and start final production. Therefore, in case you want to add something or upgrade your rewards, try

The pre-order system is not meant to substitute the Kickstarter; its purpose is for any last minute add-ons, or for people who missed the Kickstarter for a few days. There is also another purpose for it: the recent troubles of capital controls in Greece did not allow any of our Greek backers to pay (their credit cards were locked for buying abroad). But things are looking good now, and I wanted to give  people in Greece the chance to finally pledge by wire tranfer. However, I have to be fair to the original backers, so it is less than a month left for pre-orders to stop.

And the real work starts

We did not take any days off after the Kickstarter ended, so the project is already underway. Right now we are transferring materials and equipment to the production site. New equipment is being ordered and employees' selection is finalized. The last two weeks we are conducting a full renovation on the 75 sq.m. (750 sq.ft.) space that will act as our main production workshop - flooring, wall selves, work benches, tools, appliances are now in place. On the same time, the first materials are pouring in, like polystyrene, magnets and model trees. Though not very complimenting, here are two snapshots of two of the rooms with workbenches:
Can you see those bags of model trees on the high self?

We also installed a professional air-pump for two-person simultaneous spray painting. For the modelers among you, think "airbrush" but for mass production. So I had to carry the monster below for two floors to faster and better basecoat the tiles :)

Wouldn't you love such an airbrush?
On the same time, I am setting-up the production procedures. In reference to the preliminary order spreadsheets I am getting from the backers, I'll check the feasibility of mold methods again, and start designing them.

Pedion at Claymore 2015

For those of you planning to visit Scotland's premier wargaming event in Edinburgh next weekend, there will be some Pedion presence! There will not be an actual booth; I am too busy setting up things here. However, we have the pleasure of providing a huge (12'x4') Space Gaming Mat (modular of course!) to no other space fleet battle than the one demonstrating the latest SciFi Wargame, HALO! Yes, the new, exciting game from Spartan in the Halo Universe, called HALO Fleet Battles, will be exhibited in Claymore, and we will be providing the scifi PrintTiles for the epic board.

Check it out, and have a chat with +David Yeomans, who will be providing the excellent terrain like asteroids and Gas clouds. In case you have not seen out PrintTiles, you can check them out here:!/Pedion-PrintTiles/c/13054089/offset=0&sort=normal

As you can see, everything is moving along! So have a great summer, and a wonderful GenCon (for those attending it!). Good gaming all!