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Making even better River and Swamp tiles!

It has been a long time between blog posts, but it is for a good cause: fulfilling orders! In this update I wanted to share our beautiful Swamp add-on, as well as our improved method on River tiles.

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The new, impressive 6'x4' River Crossing table! 
All you need in a 6'x4' table: 5 Hills, 2 forests, 2 crops, a long road -
and at what a price! The new Standard 6x4 set

Swamp Power!

Check a finished version Pedion's resin Swamp add-on for the Pond tile, although it can easily be used as stand alone! I'm really happy with the liquid mud result.

The resin prepainted Swamp add-on for the full pond tile

Changing the look of your Pond

Production Improvements

It took some time, and some delay on river tile sets, but I think we nailed it in greatly improving the production method of river tiles. We designed precision molds where we cast only the river side parts of the river in resin. Then the rest of the tile is composed by regular tile parts, ie polystyrene, and it is based on PVC bases. The challenge was on creating 0.5mm  precise resin parts and also deciding on a valid compound material to attach resin and polystyrene while preserving elasticity. After much trial and error, our first v2.0 river tiles are on their way :) The new method requires less resin, allowing for 3x faster casting time, and as a side effect it produces more lightweight and less fragile tiles. So, we will now be producing sets even faster!

the new, multi-part method for river tiles
It allows for a huge number of river tiles produces in 3 or 4 castings
The final product is identical to our resin tiles

This was not our only improvement; I was not 100% happy with the behavior of PVC glue and the grass mat covering of tiles in the face of extreme humidity. People were noticing a wrapping effect on tile edges (although it was easily mended by putting on some weight). After trying and rejecting a myriad of solutions, we finally nailed it by selecting a gluing agent devoid of water: low expansion polyurethane. This is a demanding procedure, which does not "forgive" misplacement like regular glues do, but now you will be getting even better Green Spring tiles.

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It has been an ...interesting June.

Good gaming all!