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PEDION Battlefields has Funded in 55 hours! Now for Stretch Goals

Wow! It took me a bit to regain my speech, and now it's time to say THANK YOU! Peopled flocked to Pedion Kickstarter, and it got funded in just 55 hours!

Of course, the fun it's just starting! If you have followed this blog, you know that I love to design new things and expand on ideas; so, it's time for Stretch Goals. But for this to happen, we need more people to support us:
The beautiful Indians of Dave and Anne Yeomans next to a Pedion River in UKGE2015

The first Stretch Goal is to produce different themes of the Pre-painted Tiles, and specifically a Winter theme and a Sand/Desert theme. We are less than £2800 away, so help us make it happen!

This Stretch goal will allow supporters to choose to have their Reward Set of Pedion tiles painted in a different theme than the original "Spring Green" presented in most pictures.
The Tile types remain the same; but if the supporters choose so, they can have them covered in "heavy" snow, or in golden sand. This Upgrade will actually be without any extra cost (apart from upgrading any forest tiles to "Oasis" tiles, since they will also include a pond at a small extra cost).

It is time to introduce our first "SOCIAL" Stretch Goals as well, which we are keeping as a surprise. So here it goes:
When the number of Backers reaches 130 (it's at 97 right now), each and every backer of a physical reward pledge will get a FREE extra magnetic tree. 
Also, you will get another FREE magnetic tree for every Forest Tile that your reward includes or you buy as an add-on; that makes the available trees for your Forest Tiles Seven (7), instead of six.
This is a Kickstarter-only free upgrade!

Hope you like your free gifts, because more will come in later backer numbers!

How do you get your gifts? Share the Pedion campaign with more people!
You can share the campaign directly with the "Share" button at the top on your social networks. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, in order to "like", favor", and share our posts.
But two other venues will help as well:
a) be sure to visit daily or at least on alternating days the KickTraq page of the Project, and then click back to the project page. This increases popularity within Kicktraq and moves the project up in the Kicktraq front page Hot List, where thousands of people may see it; and you will monitor the project's process on the same time :)
b) visit and post/like at a preview article about Pedion on the very popular Beasts of War wargaming site - they found the product worthy, so we could keep the article trending!

Pedion made an impression in UKGameExpo 2015

As you may know, I traveled to Birmingham those last days to live the great gaming experience which is UKGameExpo show... I had a brilliant time, and I also maned a stand with Pedion tiles.

The look on visitors' faces can be summarized in this word: amazed. They approached the stand in a slightly apprehensive way: "look at this beautiful terrain, it must be heavy and cumbersome", "we will need a new house to put this" etc (yes, people actually said this).
They left awestruck: they discovered first hand how lightweight, durable, practical and 100% modular the whole system is, in addition to beautiful... We had comments like "excellent", "brilliant" coming from people like former GW sculptors, Mantic demonstrators and Hawk employees. Two of our Backers, Tom and Dave found their way to the stand, to see in person what they had backed. Their reviews are now in the Comments section of the Campaign, for the world to see that Pedion is what it promises.

So check out some moments from our UKGE stand! Do not forget to share!

Again, a huge thank you for getting Pedion so far; now let's make it even better!

Good gaming,

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