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New Stone Bridge, full revamp of Walls and Fences!

We are proud to present a new, tabletop-ready stone bridge, and a full series of painted walls and more - check the eshop !

The new stone bridge: made from quality resin, assembled and painted, ready to adorn your tabletop

Hello all, and I hope you have enjoyed your Summer!
I have some exciting news to share: while full at work preparing even more Outdoors boards and getting ready to launch our Urban Battlefields Pledge Manager in September, we decided to re-design and re-launch our bridges and wall system line (there is no such thing as free time, it seems :) ).

The main motivation was the development of the Urban Sets and the Canal System for our KS2 backers. I wanted a series of interesting, beautiful and practical terrain pieces which could be combined with the new tiles, to enhance the new landscapes. So, first came the complete redesign of the old bridge, with something to span the new canals. And then we took it even further, creating a new line of walls and fences.

Everything presented below is intended to enhance mainly the coming series of Urban tiles. However, they are already into production, so you can grab yours sooner.

The new Stone Bridge 

When we unlocked the impressive city canals in the Urban tiles Kickstarter, I promised the backers of making available some bridge designs to span those openings and connect city areas. Since there will be two different themes for Quay designs (Medieval and Contemporary), I went ahead and designed two different bridge styles. The "modern" one is still in the works, and will have an asphalt surface. But the "Medieval" one is finished, moulded and cast in many copies already - so you can get yours now here!

"Medieval" Stone bridge; cast in high quality resin, fully painted, with a cobblestone pattern on the surface

The idea was to design a stone bridge which would not only work with the new canal tiles, but would be able to span the rivers of our original river tiles, especially at the "ford" river tile type (where road tiles can "connect" and cross "river" tiles). Therefore, the new bridge fully replaces the older (flat) design we had made available for river fords. The old design has been removed from the store, and all backers and clients with a bridge in their order will actually be getting an upgrade to the newer bridge, at no additional cost.

It works (and looks) great even on "Dirt" road ford tiles

The Bridge is cast in solid, durable high quality resin, and has a slight arch with a span of 14cm. Its width is 9cm, although the available surface for movement is 7cm wide. As everything we make, it is ready to be used straight on your tabletop!

Revamping the Walls' System

Walls and fences decorate almost every corner of the urban environs, and I wanted our backers to have some extra options for theirs. Our previous wall system, whilst ingenious, seemed to lack the practicality for everyday usage and gaming. Most people tried to use our walls and hedges without columns, or the columns were not working properly - it was time to revamp the design.

The new "Stone Walls" in a row with an Urban based Hedge

I wanted something simpler and more practical, but at the same time more sturdy and good looking! So I went ahead and re-designed a full range of walls and fences, which look great and cover most gaming needs. The new walls were expanded to include "Stone Walls", "Walls with Irregular Stones" and "Large Brick walls". All are cast in high quality resin, are extremely sturdy, they look stunning and they stay upright (although there is still the option to magnetise their bottoms). Their lengths vary from 10 to 12cm, their height is at 2.5 cm and they are 1-1.5 cm thick. They are sold in sets of twos, and you can find them in the eshop

Irregular Stone Walls
Stone Walls
Large Brick Walls
As with the bridges, any backers with walls included in their orders, will get the new designs as a free upgrade.

And we didn't stop there; our previous "hedges" were simple and affordable, but it was time to upgrade them to something closer to the quality of our Battlefields. The old idea was thrown away, and the new Hedges are now available: full irregular 3D creations, shaded in green - or flocked if you want to go the extra step.

Hedge fence, flocked variant

They are made from sturdy plastic sponge and pvc, and they stretch for 14cm with a thickness of ~2cm. Their tops and sides are hand-sculpted to be irregular, with a maximum height of 3cm. They come in sets of twos as well, with the option of getting them simply painted or realistically flocked.

The new Hedge fences - flocked vs. painted comparison
However, in an Urban environment, hedges don't usually grow unchecked. So I also designed an "Urban Based" Hedge fence, which includes a large grey stone planter underneath.

Urban Based Hedge Fence
The flower box is cast in quality resin, the fence is 14cm long, 3cm wide and reaches up to 4cm in height.

Last but not least, I would be remiss if I did not included an option for the modern and futuristic battlefield: here comes the Wirefence, a completely new addition in our line.

Wirefences can be stabilised by snapping on steel disks on their end poles

The fence is basically made from high quality aluminum mesh, and each of the two end posts is attached to a small but strong neodymium magnet. Along with the fence, we include two small slim steel disks to act as bases. You can use the disks to stabilise your fence, or alternatively, bend the fence at any post to create wirefence corners. The aluminum mesh can be bent and restored for as many times as you wish.

Each Set includes 1 wirefence section of 25 cm length, and 4.5cm high, along with two slim steel disks (2cm diameter).

I sincerely hope you like these new scenic designs. They are already under production, so while they were designed to enhance the new Urban sets, you can get them beforehand in their new eshop page.

Good gaming,