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Introducing the Custom Masterwork Terrain line!

Happy -and Healthy- 2022 to all!

I have been away from blogging for a long time, mostly communicating through social media. For this, I'm sorry, and I will try and rectify this during 2022. Actually, what a better way to kick-off the new era than introducing the next level in our terrain crafting offers: the Pedion Custom Masterwork terrain Line. Or, as I think of it, "making your terrain the way you imagine it".

An example 6x4ft Custom Masterwork Pedion board - traversing arid areas into a river valley and then onto a cobblestone urban area

Why a Custom line?

Do you want to recreate a specific historical (or fantasy) battlefield? Do you want to combine multiple topographical features? Do you want your gaming table to traverse different seasons and themes? The Pedion Custom Masterwork line takes terrain-crafting to its next level. We give our clients the opportunity to order a terrain board exactly to their specifications, needs - and even whims. We apply all our extensive technical, cartographic and artistic experience into creating a diorama-quality gaming board, based on your plans and directions.

Custom Masterwork 6x4ft board; urban medieval transitioning into snow.
The beautiful armies and buildings are from Shieldwolf miniatures

Your “order” of a Custom Masterwork terrain board will actually be a commission, a general direction on the broad strokes of your board: overall size and general theme. Then we will collaborate extensively with you, to learn of your plans and wishes, and to create a draft layout for you to approve.

This is different from all other Pedion product lines - we forgo our standard approach of streamlined, pre-designed tiles with specific terrain features and themes. Your Masterwork Terrain board will still be modular, to allow for transport and storage, albeit partitioned in 2ft x 2ft (60cm x 60cm) tiles. The more spacious tiles allow for larger and more diverse terrain features, as well as less separation lines, overall creating a more natural looking and uninterrupted layout. We take advantage of the larger areas to be more creative and add more details. 

Armies of Orcs and Goblins on the Custom Masterwork terrain board. The client wanted a rocky, arid area from where the Orcs would enter the battle. Models by Shieldwolf Miniatures

The board will be designed with one main layout in mind (therefore your tiles will have to be placed in a specific way). However, we will make efforts so that terrain features “split” in a universal configuration, therefore tiles will have some additional layout options in case you want to vary things a bit. Also, this will ensure more options in case you want to expand your board in the future.

Two Masterwork Tiles, 60cm x 60cm; The road design allows for multiple orientations 

The base dimensions for each Custom Masterwork Tile are 60x60cm and 1cm depth. But even these dimensions can change to better suit your plans. They are made of the best quality XPS and heavy PVC basing, ensuring their decades-long sturdiness.


To place your order and start the procedure of creating your board, head over to our eshop. There you should specify its base size from the options available, as well as its general theme. This will allow the system to charge you with what your board will cost*. Before placing an order, feel free to contact us with your idea, to check if it’s doable and in what manner; just email us, using [Custom Masterwork Inquiry] on the email subject line.

*Please note that this cost does not include shipping costs, these will be charged when your board is ready to ship. Also, note that we reserve the right to charge extra costs, in case your order includes material-heavy and/or work-demanding custom features, like large cliffs, fortification walls, deep waters, much deeper tiles etc.

Workshop shots of a 6x4 Custom Masterork board


Swashbuckling on the fabulous City Canals & Harbours!

Presenting a Swashbuckling battle on a "Medieval" Urban themed Pedion city setup at the local Club. A feast for the eyes, the 4'x3' board accommodated a fight of the famous Musketeers vs. the Cardinal's Guard!
This time we will deviate from our usual "production" blog post, to share this incredible spectacle. Games like this are actually the reason I started Pedion, and why our Battlefields exist: beautiful, diorama-like games, setup in 5-10 minutes, carried at your local club in any regular gameday, and all carried away in 3 boxes. All other scenery and miniatures well enhanced, to a mind blowing result. And at the same time, we enjoyed a solid, full gaming experience, where scenics were not "in the way" of the game. In case you like the Urban tiles, you can still pre-order them for a few days more at the eshop

Rue Richelieu

Battle Info

We set the fight in Toulouse of 1627, with Luis XIII visiting for the inspection of the first miles of Canal en Languedoc - destined to eventually connect Toulouse (and its river Garonne) with the Mediterranean. But the canal waters "hide" the mismanagement and misappropriation of funds by Cardinal's Richelieu people!

Toulouse, Spring 1627 - River Garonne and the start of Canal Royal en Languedoc

Outskirts and the use of our Slope Elevation system to create an uphill street

Their Majesties (and the Cardinal) admire the Canal works

Musketeers Porthos and d'Artagnan lead a continent of their fellows, to inform Their Majesties, as they exit from the morning Mass held in the Basilica of Saint-Sernin. But the ever-present Cardinal was informed by Lady de Winter, and sends Count Rochefort with plans to stop them!

Porthos and d'Artagnan lead a unit of Musketeers and Servants to find the King (NW corner placement)
Lady de Winter and Count de Rochefort lead the Guard and their thugs to stop the coming Musketeers (SW corner placement)
Rochefort leads Halberdeirs and Matchlock carrying thugs to take position on the west end of the main road, Rue Richelieu
The main Cardinal's Guard makes sure their master is ok before trying to cut the Musketeers from the southern access. The Cardinal orders Captain Marcheaux to stop the troublemakers!

The Game

The Skirmish was between two warbands, Musketeers vs Cardinal's Guard, with the main purpose of one routing the other. We used the *EXCELLENT* rules of "En Garde" from Osprey Publishing/ Osprey Games which capture the single-miniature swordfights' spirit admirably!
Many of the terrific images have some battle info on their descriptions. But needless to say, the Musketeers once more foiled the plans of the Cardinal and his lackeys and carried the day!

The Musketeers see the coming Guards and choose to cross into Rue Richelieu. The waiting thugs open fire, but to no effect. 
Porthos takes position next to the bridge, waiting for captain Marcheaux to come to him
d'Artagnan joins the fight on the street, to help his soldiers
The Cardinal's Guard storms the bridge
More Thugs come up a side alley and daring swordfight occurs!
The 4th Musketeer lives up to his legend - thugs fall to his swordsmanship, among them Lay de Winter herself (the rascal, striking at women!)
Rochefort starts to get anxious, as more Musketeers come his way
Porthos shows that his fame as the most powerful warrior is not understated: he single-handedly brings down Marcheaux and his horse!
On the Nwest end we have the final showdown: d'Artagnan vs Rochefort. The two duel like there is no tomorrow, but in the end, Rochefort has suffered a Grievous wound to a simple Stun for the Musketeer. The count knows when he is beaten and flees, vowing revenge!!!

You want more detailed info (and photos)? Check out corresponding facebook post!

What we used

The terrain is of course the pre-painted urban wargaming tiles from Pedion, as well as our new lines of Bridges, Walls and Trees - just check to get yours!

Miniatures are from the collections of George Panopoulos and Panos Mountis, originating mostly from the "Musketeers" line of Redoubt Enterprises with additions from the Renaissance lines from Warlord Games. They were beautifully painted by Fedros Dimitriou, Andreas Panagopoulos, George Manis and Thodoros Galanis.

Le Carrefour

Buildings are mostly from the David Graffam excellent papercraft line, along with 3D UMBUM kits. Several details, like the market stand and the wooden pier were created by George Manis and Andreas Voyadzis .

Le Pont

Panos Mountis starred as d'Artagnan and Andreas Voyadzis as Porthos, against the machinations of George Panopoulos as the Cardinal and Fedros Dimitriou as Rochefort.

I hope you like what you saw - I can only stress how great it was for us!
Good gaming,


P.S. (Historical) - The works for Royal Canal en Languedoc commenced about 50 years later, destined to become Canal du Midi - but why let this stand in the way of fun ;)


Painted City Canal and Harbour System Available!

Hello everyone!

Enjoy the possibilities of an awesome Urban board!

After long preparations, we are proud to present the final version of the Pedion City Canals, as well as the Harbours, which complement our extensive Urban tile battlefields! Read more on how you can get yours.

The Urban Kickstarter Pledge Manager is Live - and you can Late-Pledge!

The "Pledge Manager" is the tool for our Urban Kickstarter Backers to finalise their pledges, select their Urban battlefields Rewards and arrange their shipping details so they can get them on May 2018. But, on the same time, is a chance for people who were late, to jump on the Kickstarter train and pre-order Urban Battlefields with the same benefits and pricing (what we call "late-pledge"). The Pledge Manager works as an integral part of our Pedion eshop, and you can check the Urban options there!

What's new in the Eshop then?

As part of the Kickstarter "Pledge Manager", people gain access to pre-ordering many exciting new designs to enhance their Urban or Outdoors Pedion Sets. Specifically:


A full 3'x3' Urban setup with "Medieval" Harbours, Canals, roads and bridges!

During the Urban KS Campaign we had shown only the "Medieval" version of the Harbour quays, and have shown schematics of the Canal tiles. In the Pledge Manager City Canals and City Harbours are separate entries with almost all available separate designs and themes shown in the galleries so you can better understand the way they look.

City Canal "T" Junction, "Contemporary" theme
Straight and Stepped Quays Harbour Tiles in a row, "Contemporary" theme
Canal Harbour Exit Tile, "Medieval" Theme

The "City Canals" KS Special Offer set

I must stress that these are not simple prototypes but actual products with parts cast in resin from the moulds we have already made.


We had announced the additions of Bridges to cross the City Canals in a KS Update, and we have already shown you the "Medieval" Stone Bridge. You will find both the Stone and Asphalt bridge in the PM

Stone Bridge on "Road Overpass" canal tile, "Medieval" Theme
Asphalt road Bridge on "Road Overpass" canal tile, "Contemporary" Theme


We expanded the "Transition" tile designs with another featuring a straight road, which was requested by many: the "Transition Straight Road- Along". It allows to fully go over from one Pedion theme to another, be it Urban or Outdoors, or a combination of them. The same can be done (without the road) with the "Open Ground Transition"

TRANSITION Tile "Open Ground" Green Spring to Desert Theme


That's something completely new, not presented during the KS: we can engrave and paint a customised design on a "Open Space" tile.The idea is that by ordering an Open Space tile with Custom design, we can engrave a special mosaic to adorn your battlefields. It can be a motif which will make the urban set look the role for specific game universes or scenarios. And, you can always remove it and use a standard open space tile in its place when you play a different game or world (something not possible with other urban boards which have fixed designs).

The custom design will be engraved and detailed on the tile, and then hand painted to stand out. It can act as a building floor, a mosaic, a Scenario Objective area, or just an adornment. We have prepared three (3) different designs we can engrave in your tiles, but you can always ask for something else. You can see in the gallery and ordering options how we can implement an "Arcane Pentagram" (for your Fantasy Games), a Helipad/dropship pad (for modern and scifi scenarios) and even an Imperial Eagle (for scifi Cathedrals). You can order one of these 3 designs or you can send us your own.

Arcane Pentagram on Medieval Theme open space tile

Need a floor for that ruined Imperial 40K Cathedral?

Replacing a Set's "open space" tile with a "custom" one opens up all kind of scenario possibilities!

If you want us to implement a custom design of your own making, you can get an idea from the 3 we already have whether it is feasible or not. The design must be drawn in some detail (no oral descriptions qualify) and must fit an area of maximum 20cm in diameter.


Another thing we had talked about in the KS but had not shown: a series of accessories and scenics which could make use of "Magnetised" tiles. The idea is that they stand upright realistically, without using any bases, and they do not fall even if you flip the tile. In the "Urban Accessories (Magnetic Base option)" PM sub-section, you will find many of these, including our new walls, fences, urban trees, flower beds, city sculpts, traffic lights and street lamps.

Street lamps, traffic lights and Wirefence combined on a Magnetised tile. They need no bases and they don't fall over.

An "Old-fashioned" Street lamp - works great both on "Medieval" and "Modern" City terrain sets

Earthquake? not a problem! Your Street lamp stays in place


Last but not least: in case you were considering getting one of the outdoor sets from our first Kickstarter, here is your chance. While the Urban KS Pledge Manager is active, all the "Outdoors" Base Battlefield Sets (from 2'x3' to 6'x4') are at 10% OFF! Even single extra tiles like crops, craters, coastlines etc are at 5% OFF. We will combine shipping with your urban pledge, although each outdoors set will add a bit to the delivery time (check their descriptions).

I am quite proud of how the Urban line is growing and how great it looks! Just give us the chance to create the urban board you always wanted.



New Stone Bridge, full revamp of Walls and Fences!

We are proud to present a new, tabletop-ready stone bridge, and a full series of painted walls and more - check the eshop !

The new stone bridge: made from quality resin, assembled and painted, ready to adorn your tabletop

Hello all, and I hope you have enjoyed your Summer!
I have some exciting news to share: while full at work preparing even more Outdoors boards and getting ready to launch our Urban Battlefields Pledge Manager in September, we decided to re-design and re-launch our bridges and wall system line (there is no such thing as free time, it seems :) ).

The main motivation was the development of the Urban Sets and the Canal System for our KS2 backers. I wanted a series of interesting, beautiful and practical terrain pieces which could be combined with the new tiles, to enhance the new landscapes. So, first came the complete redesign of the old bridge, with something to span the new canals. And then we took it even further, creating a new line of walls and fences.

Everything presented below is intended to enhance mainly the coming series of Urban tiles. However, they are already into production, so you can grab yours sooner.

The new Stone Bridge 

When we unlocked the impressive city canals in the Urban tiles Kickstarter, I promised the backers of making available some bridge designs to span those openings and connect city areas. Since there will be two different themes for Quay designs (Medieval and Contemporary), I went ahead and designed two different bridge styles. The "modern" one is still in the works, and will have an asphalt surface. But the "Medieval" one is finished, moulded and cast in many copies already - so you can get yours now here!

"Medieval" Stone bridge; cast in high quality resin, fully painted, with a cobblestone pattern on the surface

The idea was to design a stone bridge which would not only work with the new canal tiles, but would be able to span the rivers of our original river tiles, especially at the "ford" river tile type (where road tiles can "connect" and cross "river" tiles). Therefore, the new bridge fully replaces the older (flat) design we had made available for river fords. The old design has been removed from the store, and all backers and clients with a bridge in their order will actually be getting an upgrade to the newer bridge, at no additional cost.

It works (and looks) great even on "Dirt" road ford tiles

The Bridge is cast in solid, durable high quality resin, and has a slight arch with a span of 14cm. Its width is 9cm, although the available surface for movement is 7cm wide. As everything we make, it is ready to be used straight on your tabletop!

Revamping the Walls' System

Walls and fences decorate almost every corner of the urban environs, and I wanted our backers to have some extra options for theirs. Our previous wall system, whilst ingenious, seemed to lack the practicality for everyday usage and gaming. Most people tried to use our walls and hedges without columns, or the columns were not working properly - it was time to revamp the design.

The new "Stone Walls" in a row with an Urban based Hedge

I wanted something simpler and more practical, but at the same time more sturdy and good looking! So I went ahead and re-designed a full range of walls and fences, which look great and cover most gaming needs. The new walls were expanded to include "Stone Walls", "Walls with Irregular Stones" and "Large Brick walls". All are cast in high quality resin, are extremely sturdy, they look stunning and they stay upright (although there is still the option to magnetise their bottoms). Their lengths vary from 10 to 12cm, their height is at 2.5 cm and they are 1-1.5 cm thick. They are sold in sets of twos, and you can find them in the eshop

Irregular Stone Walls
Stone Walls
Large Brick Walls
As with the bridges, any backers with walls included in their orders, will get the new designs as a free upgrade.

And we didn't stop there; our previous "hedges" were simple and affordable, but it was time to upgrade them to something closer to the quality of our Battlefields. The old idea was thrown away, and the new Hedges are now available: full irregular 3D creations, shaded in green - or flocked if you want to go the extra step.

Hedge fence, flocked variant

They are made from sturdy plastic sponge and pvc, and they stretch for 14cm with a thickness of ~2cm. Their tops and sides are hand-sculpted to be irregular, with a maximum height of 3cm. They come in sets of twos as well, with the option of getting them simply painted or realistically flocked.

The new Hedge fences - flocked vs. painted comparison
However, in an Urban environment, hedges don't usually grow unchecked. So I also designed an "Urban Based" Hedge fence, which includes a large grey stone planter underneath.

Urban Based Hedge Fence
The flower box is cast in quality resin, the fence is 14cm long, 3cm wide and reaches up to 4cm in height.

Last but not least, I would be remiss if I did not included an option for the modern and futuristic battlefield: here comes the Wirefence, a completely new addition in our line.

Wirefences can be stabilised by snapping on steel disks on their end poles

The fence is basically made from high quality aluminum mesh, and each of the two end posts is attached to a small but strong neodymium magnet. Along with the fence, we include two small slim steel disks to act as bases. You can use the disks to stabilise your fence, or alternatively, bend the fence at any post to create wirefence corners. The aluminum mesh can be bent and restored for as many times as you wish.

Each Set includes 1 wirefence section of 25 cm length, and 4.5cm high, along with two slim steel disks (2cm diameter).

I sincerely hope you like these new scenic designs. They are already under production, so while they were designed to enhance the new Urban sets, you can get them beforehand in their new eshop page.

Good gaming,