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Enhance your Battlefield! PEDION Wall System unlocked

Our backers did it again - yes, another Stretch Goal is down, one that really enhances our range: the Pedion Wall System.
The newly unlocked Pedion Bridge - modular, affordable, perfect for your River Tiles!

Raise those Walls Soldier!

The Wall System started as a small side-project, designed to take advantage of the connectivity of the Tiles and add man-made features on them, which can be removed easily and stored away – Pedion style. The Stretch Goal unlocks the basics of the Wall-system, allowing players to get a series of stone fences and hedges to enhance their terrain and their games. The main requirements behind the Wall System are:
a) to avoid the placing of walls on bases for stability,
b) to allow flexibility in wall placement and unit movement,
c) to take advantage of magnetized areas on the tiles, and
d) to be simple and affordable.

Creating wargame walls without bases improves the aesthetics of the battlefield (the walls touch the ground realistically ) and allows unit placement next to them without having to balance the unit on the raised base. But what substitutes bases or unnatural wall thickness? The Pedion Columns of course.

The main principle of the System is this: there are “stone” columns (1x1x3cm) which act as the anchors of the walls/fences. These posts have magnetic bases to clip on the tiles, and magnets on 2 or 3 of their sides for the wall parts to clip onto them. So, you first place the columns, and then easily snap any wall part you want on and off. The Columns act as stabilizers and connectors for a network of fences.

You can better understand see the simple way the System works (and the easy that walls are dismantled and stores away in the following video, especially after 0:34)

The prototypes you see on the photos and video are made from foamboard and plasticard. The Stretch Goal represents the design of molds to create resin parts of walls and columns, to be painted afterwards. For the hedges I have used pan scourer – and I am not sure if I’ll switch to something else, if it is going to keep the cost low for backers.

Speaking of cost, there are new options in the Add-ons section, for backers to enhance their sets. Expect for these to grow, as I will add more wall lengths and options. And perhaps grab that “Crops Tile” Hedge Set, as the price is a Kickstarter special!

The wall parts will be 12cm (4.7”) long, 3mm thick and their height will vary depending on scale and purpose. Specifically, I was planning to make available different heights for players to choose: “15mm low” (H=10mm), “15mm high/20-28mm low” (H=20mm), “20-28mm high” (H=30mm). For Stone fences, there will be grey stone, sand stone and brick variations.

Build those Bridges

Along with the "Wall System", another favorite of mine unlocked: the Pedion Bridge. In the spirit of Pedion, the Bridge is a 3-part flat stone modular construct, designed for the depth and with of the River Tiles. The arches go 1 cm deep to touch water surface and the bridge is 7 cm wide and 14 cm long.
It assembles (magnetically) into one piece or you can dismantle it and store it away without taking any space. If you are getting any River tiles, this is a must have add-on, especially at the £9 price tag.

Desert and Winter Variation photos

Many backers asked for them, so take a look at the first photos from Desert/Winter prototype tiles. The beautiful 15mm and 6mm miniatures of Anne and +David Yeomans  bring the photographs to life.
Desert theme with Asphalt Road - 15mm FoW minis

6mm Ancients on Desert tiles

The elephant is coming!

Special kind of "broken ground" tile type I am thinking for Desert and Snow: raised dunes/drifts. It increases tile weight and vertical size, but looks nice.

German 88mm at the Eastern Front - Winter tiles with Dirt road and 15mm FoW minis

Next Stretch Goal

We still have a little bit over 2 weeks left in the Kickstarter campaign - how about some more Stretch Goals? The next one, upon £28000, will unlock some "Science Fiction" looks for the Tiles. But this is not only it; this SG unlocks the two types of Crater Tiles (asteroid and bombardment crater) as well as different, more exotic "liquids" for your River tiles: Lava flow and Green toxic stream...
Hooked? Spread the word, bring your friends and we will reach it!

Good gaming,


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