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Urban Battlefields Kickstarter Funded and going strong!

One of our most impressive Addons, an Outskirts Extension to complement our Urban Sets

Wow! our Battlefields Kickstarter was funded in just 40 hours! Now we are moving forward, unlocking innovative Stretch Goals. Support us on the Kickstarter, get your own Pedion Urban Battlefield, and help us further enhance your urban tiles!

Among the first Stretch Goals we unlocked were the "Transition Tiles". Their purpose is to combine two different textures and/or Urban Themes on the same tile, so that they can join differently themed tiles. They can be used in a variety of purposes - some of them are:

  • You can join together two differently themed Urban Sets, so that you can ensure a smooth transition between them!
  • You can join your new Urban Themed set with our standard Pedion Modular Battlefields tiles. You may have a board already, to be waiting for one, or thinking of getting one; now you can combine it with any Urban set you get.
  • You can extend your Urban Set with slightly differently themed tiles, thus giving it the look of having some town outskirts or some open grass areas.
  • The transition tile type "Open Ground" can be useful even to people who are not going to get Urban Sets but have a standard Pedion Set already. It can be used  to join two differently themed sets, e.g. Green Spring with Desert.

...and I'm sure you will find other uses for them! We have already put them in good use by introducing the Outskirts Extension sets in the Addons, to add a whiff of the outdoors to the urban environment!

Another interesting addon is the option to add Transparent 1" Square Grid Sheets on top of your tiles. You can lay these sheets over the tiles you want to measure based on a grid, play your favorite RPGs, Frostgrave or Deadzone, and then remove them just as easily.

We hope we will check out the Kickstarter, and of course, share it with your gamer friends on the internet!

Good gaming!

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