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Journal #16 - Getting closer to the Urban Tiles Kickstarter!

We are getting closer to the Launch of the second PEDION Kickstarter campaign, the one on Urban Battlefields. We have presented lots of information on the designs and themes of the Urban expansion in our latest post, and we have now brought it all together in a short video presentation:

If you are interested in supporting Pedion in this Kickstarter (we hope you are!) and want to get a timely invite so you can grab some early bird stuff, you can always join with your email our "heads-up" page. There you will find a short description of the intended campaign, as well as more elaborate info on how we think of running this project.

We are adding the final touches to the campaign and crunching some numbers, so the campaign will probably launch on these first days of March. Right now we are preparing prototypes for our many Stretch Goals, since we want to really enhance the Urban Battlefields with exciting ideas that will take your urban terrain to a whole new, not-seen-before level.

Transition tiles in action: joining a Green Spring Pedion board with the new "Medieval" themed Urban Set

Among the concepts we are working on are:

  • "Transition" tiles, that is, tiles which will allow you to join our different textured boards together, or your existing tiles with the newer urban sets
  • Addons to create "dead-ends" on our roads, in order to increase the modularity and possible combinations of a given set
  • "Damaged" urban tiles, by adding impressive weapon effect craters on the tiles
  • An Elevation System, so you can create slopes, uphill roads, rises and different levels in your city for a more realistic effect
  • Variant Road Width to better suit the 28mm scale
  • More urban designs, like car parks, roundabouts or open plazas
  • City harbour tiles, to represent seaside/riverside settlements, with the use of our beautiful liquid glass water effects.
  • ...and many more...

Do these sound exciting? we certainly think so, and founding the KS will be only the beginning. We hope to see you all there!

Good gaming,

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