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Introducing the Custom Masterwork Terrain line!

Happy -and Healthy- 2022 to all!

I have been away from blogging for a long time, mostly communicating through social media. For this, I'm sorry, and I will try and rectify this during 2022. Actually, what a better way to kick-off the new era than introducing the next level in our terrain crafting offers: the Pedion Custom Masterwork terrain Line. Or, as I think of it, "making your terrain the way you imagine it".

An example 6x4ft Custom Masterwork Pedion board - traversing arid areas into a river valley and then onto a cobblestone urban area

Why a Custom line?

Do you want to recreate a specific historical (or fantasy) battlefield? Do you want to combine multiple topographical features? Do you want your gaming table to traverse different seasons and themes? The Pedion Custom Masterwork line takes terrain-crafting to its next level. We give our clients the opportunity to order a terrain board exactly to their specifications, needs - and even whims. We apply all our extensive technical, cartographic and artistic experience into creating a diorama-quality gaming board, based on your plans and directions.

Custom Masterwork 6x4ft board; urban medieval transitioning into snow.
The beautiful armies and buildings are from Shieldwolf miniatures

Your “order” of a Custom Masterwork terrain board will actually be a commission, a general direction on the broad strokes of your board: overall size and general theme. Then we will collaborate extensively with you, to learn of your plans and wishes, and to create a draft layout for you to approve.

This is different from all other Pedion product lines - we forgo our standard approach of streamlined, pre-designed tiles with specific terrain features and themes. Your Masterwork Terrain board will still be modular, to allow for transport and storage, albeit partitioned in 2ft x 2ft (60cm x 60cm) tiles. The more spacious tiles allow for larger and more diverse terrain features, as well as less separation lines, overall creating a more natural looking and uninterrupted layout. We take advantage of the larger areas to be more creative and add more details. 

Armies of Orcs and Goblins on the Custom Masterwork terrain board. The client wanted a rocky, arid area from where the Orcs would enter the battle. Models by Shieldwolf Miniatures

The board will be designed with one main layout in mind (therefore your tiles will have to be placed in a specific way). However, we will make efforts so that terrain features “split” in a universal configuration, therefore tiles will have some additional layout options in case you want to vary things a bit. Also, this will ensure more options in case you want to expand your board in the future.

Two Masterwork Tiles, 60cm x 60cm; The road design allows for multiple orientations 

The base dimensions for each Custom Masterwork Tile are 60x60cm and 1cm depth. But even these dimensions can change to better suit your plans. They are made of the best quality XPS and heavy PVC basing, ensuring their decades-long sturdiness.


To place your order and start the procedure of creating your board, head over to our eshop. There you should specify its base size from the options available, as well as its general theme. This will allow the system to charge you with what your board will cost*. Before placing an order, feel free to contact us with your idea, to check if it’s doable and in what manner; just email us, using [Custom Masterwork Inquiry] on the email subject line.

*Please note that this cost does not include shipping costs, these will be charged when your board is ready to ship. Also, note that we reserve the right to charge extra costs, in case your order includes material-heavy and/or work-demanding custom features, like large cliffs, fortification walls, deep waters, much deeper tiles etc.

Workshop shots of a 6x4 Custom Masterork board

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