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Less than 20 hours left, and even more Free stuff and Tile types available!

WOW - We have entered the last 19 hours, and Pedion has unlocked THREE more Stretch Goals
Now its free Wall pieces for everyone, Urban and Sea/Coastline Tiles!

This Kickstarter keeps surprising me, humbling me and my family over the support of the backers.  Just a few hours after the previous blog post, the next Stretch Goal was reached!

So you may now add Urban/SciFi/Modern tiles for your buildings and city fights, with magnetic tile surfaces!

Straight 7cm Urban Road Tile, with Aluminum Hoverway road, Illuminated roadsides and Plastisteel grid texture (fully magnetic) 

The new tile types are more suited to an Urban environment: either SciFi, Modern or Gothic, perfect for wargaming in in such an environment. The Urban tiles are mostly re-designs of the main Road tiles, with added texture and road options. Specifically:

  • To the existing 7cm Road width there will be another width added, 14cm; Such a wide road can easily be considered a double-lane road at 28-32mm or a 4-lane highway in 15mm.  
  • To the existing Road surfaces (cobbled, dirt, asphalt) two new, futuristic surfaces will be added: Aluminum Hoverway (a bright, aluminum textured surface, that can denote hovercraft or spacecraft lanes and landing strips) and Plastisteel (Square or Hex grid in light grey or blue coloring)  
  • Roadsides are expanded; apart from dirt (magnetic), now three more types will be available: raised 1" sidewalks (magnetic), sloped 1/2" black/yellow caution hatch (magnetic) and the impressive 1/3" LED illuminated roadsides (non-magnetic).  
  • Tile textures are expanded with an urban range. So far, road tiles included the texture of their greater set (eg Green grass for Spring Green theme). Now, many more more Urban-appropriate textures can be selected for your urban tiles: Grey cement (all magnetic), Irregular cobblestone (all magnetic), Stone pattern (Granite or Sandstone, plasticard, magnetic hardpoints), Brick Pattern (plasticard, magnetic hardpoints), Futuristic Plastisteel Grid (Square or Hex, all magnetic)  

Backers can choose whatever combination of surface, roadside and tile texture for their Urban Sets. They can even choose some tile to be "transition" tiles from the rest of their Set; that means that tile on one side of the road can have an Urban texture and on the other the regular tile texture, like Grass. The Urban tiles are available as add-ons in sets, of 2, 4, 6 and 9 pieces:

Expand your Battlefield with Coastline and Open water tiles

Everyone has a little Admiral inside... so how about some naval battles or coast landings? You can expand your battlefield with coastline tiles or open water ones. You can use them to create big lakes, or sea gulfs and coastlines. There is even a river delta tile, to connect your rivers to the open water.

Details and features of the Sea/Coastline tiles:

  • There are Open Sea (water) tiles, Coastline Tiles and River delta tile (actually a specific kind of Coastline tile)
  • The Coastline tiles are further divided into 3 kinds: Straight beach, Concave coast (inwards turn), Convex Coast (outwards turn). They can be combined to recreate any coastline you want.
  • The Coastline tiles have a zone of 10cm of beach, and the rest of the tile is open sea. That means that the Straigh beach tile is 33.3% land and 66.6% "water"
  • The Coastline tiles are not Flat. The "water" will be at 0cm (river water level), painted atop the 1mm plastic tile base. The land part will be mostly slope, starting at sea level and sloping gently upwards for the next 7cm of the tile, to reach the full 1cm height of regular tiles (the 7:1 grade is more than enough to keep miniatures from sliding). Then, the last 3 cm till the tile edge will be flat, and painted to the texture of the rest of the Set, to achieve transition. 
  • The sloped beach will be mostly textured as sand and will be FULLY magnetic. There will be rocks, pebbles and other textures for aesthetic reasons. The texture flat 3cm zone on the landwards tile edge will include metal hardpoints
  • The River Delta acts as a straight beach tile, with the gap of a river mouth. There will be some texture (mud banks) at the point the river joins the open water.
  • The open sea tiles will be completely flat, at 0cm (1mm). The sea will have small breaking waves, but nothing too protruding to allow miniature sliding.
  • The flat part of the tiles probably won't connect magnetically. So, Open Sea tiles and Water part of coastline tiles will connect with anti-slide PressLok connectors from Velcro, which we use on the Pedion gaming mats
  • There is a liquid glass option for the Water parts, although it will be more rugged than the river tiles, and it requires much more effort and resin. Also there is the option to upgrade to liquid glass only the River part of the Delta tile, and to create a smooth transition (through mud banks or pebbles) to the painted open sea.
  • The "Water" can be exchanged for Lava or Green Toxic liquids.

Wall pieces for everyone!

Since we surpassed the 165 backer limit, everyone who will receive a physical reward will get some extra, free pieces of the Wall system. In particular:

  • For every backer who gets 1 to 6 tiles (through Sets and add-ons), he or she will receive 1 Hedge Fences Set (that's 2x 12cm or 4x 5.2cm Hedge walls, see add-ons)
  • For every backer who gets 7 to 16 tiles (through Sets and add-ons), he or she will receive 1 Stone Walls Set (that's 2x 12cm or 4x 5.2cm Stone walls, see add-ons)
  • For every backer who gets 17 or more tiles (through Sets and add-ons), he or she will receive 1 Magnetic Columns Set (that's 2x single connectors and 1 T-connector columns, see add-ons)
  • All Wall System Starter Sets get ONE MORE Stone Wall piece.

Enjoy your free Walls!

Now let's see if we can reach the 180 backer limit and free tiles! only a few hours left for you to pledge!

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